Famous Haiku Poems

like a dead friend putting
a hand on the shoulder
the autumn sun warms

the crescent moon carried
water rings want to come
over here!

the concrete left
in the fire`s wake
a ball bounces

to hold my wife
treading spring noon`s
gravel going home

midwinter thunder
under the burden of just now
dead eyes, alive

the praying mantis
still raising his axes
all burnt up

in the fire-depths
saw the way
a peony crumbles

looking over tsugaru
taking leave of my shoulder
the summer butterfly

washing the horse
gradually the maiden`s
cheek warms

in the numbing cold
the hand wiping the machine
occasionally tenses

cool and sout
the oily glistening
elbow tip

the river`s teeth go
from morning to evening
the river`s teeth go

green bear
the chapel`s morning
pounding pounding

green bear
in the junky vacant lot
cast iron stomach

the bony salmon
to the ainu mother and child
a luxuriant tree

autumn salmon
the flipping leaping
one i catch

the flavor
of the salt pickled daikon
the moon and i

winter stars
home town brook murmuring

autumn festival
the children all alike

here in tosa
buying pasania nuts
man with a woman

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