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I happen to believe that Haiku Poems, or something like a primordial sensibility for haiku poems, is actually in every one of us, regardless of race, culture, language or religion. Put another way, if we compare haiku poems to cooking, its ingredients are to be found in every one of us.

We only have to cook it. And like food, every haiku poems tastes different, unless, that is, one gets it from McDonald's. You, as haiku poets from various countries, are living testimonies to this. The question, then, is how to extract haiku poems from within ourselves, and this question relates to the second aspect of education as applied to haiku poems has played a useful role in education in various ways.

The evidence is abundant. It ranges from school curricula that make the teaching of haiku poems to children compulsory to cases where haiku is used for an educational programme in prisons. Haiku in education has been one of the most important policy areas of the World Haiku Club since the club's inception in 1998. In the first World Haiku Festival back in 2000 in London and Oxford, a special seminar was organised that was exclusively devoted to this theme.

The members are disseminating haiku among children across the world through school systems or by holding workshops, ginko or kukai all the time. Children are natural haiku poets even before they know anything about it.

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