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There are many interesting things to discuss under the theme of "Haiku Poems and Education." However, today I would like to try to examine with you what I believe to be one of the ultimate aims of education as applied to haiku. This particular aim of education is to provide each person with ways in which he or she can try to reach truths.

Science provides ways in which to explore scientific truths through experiments. Philosophy provides philosophical truths through contemplation. Arts - artistic truths through pictorial or musical language. What, then, does Haiku Poems provide? I believe that haiku poems provides ways in which we can explore what I call poetic truths, or truths found and expressed in the haiku language.

Here I am talking about what Basho was seeking both in his writing and teaching of haikai-no-renga and hokku, namely, fuga no makoto, or poetic truths. One of Basho Haiku Poems disciples, Hattori Dohoh, went so far as to say that haikai became capable of reaching truths for the first time with Basho because his haikai was not that of the old but haikai of makoto, namely truths.

Haiku poems and education part 1
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