Haiku Poems Education

I am sure you will agree with me when I say thatHaiku Poems opens up for us a very different way of looking at things around us. You probably can never forget the first time when a haiku poem hit you and suddenly you were experiencing something totally new and different.

Perhaps you remember that particular haiku poems by heart. As you walked along the haiku poems path since then and were consciously or unconsciously acquiring a different outlook from your usual views, haiku must have changed you permanently even in the subtlest way. The world, it seems, would not be the same again.

You would not see nazuna (a shepherd's purse) or a spider in the same way again. You would not feel the same again when you get wet with spring rain or hit by hail. You would not look up at the sky in the same way again, as you would become more conscious of the moon or the Milky Way all the time. You would not pass narcissi by without trying to find if they were bent by the first snow.

Thus haiku poems can teach children or any other learners a totally new way of looking at the world around us. If they are deeply moved by what they see, it is likely that they have hit some haiku poems gold mine. And if they can put such poetic experience in a few right haiku words, then they will probably achieve fuga no makoto, or poetic truths.

Haiku poems article by: Paul Conneally

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