Haiku Poems For Kids

Spider web haiku
Woven by master
to catch his insect supper
morbid yet beautiful

They are beyond our help,
Ones who suffer deeply,
Think those unacquainted
With the depths of misery.

Yet amidst the agony
Washing us to and from
We try to forgive those
Who dare not touch us.

Here are more haiku poems for kids

Wind brushes leaves
Free to be green once
More, clean from the
Stench of shame imposed.

Haiku poems for kids - Death
A light shines brightly,
its brilliance diminishes,
except in our hearts.

Life measures my soul;
People measure my patience;
In both, I'm lacking.

The weekend is gone,
Monday is upon us all,
Death has been postponed.

I really love Amina's Haiku poems for kids. I began to play with the form in September and have been publishing a few on FaceBook for friends. I like doing three at a time to make a set. Here is the first set.

Shorter days do bring
Windswept hill, chilled revere
Dry leaves scurry past

Lightly dancing thought
Summer days drift into past,
Remember and smile

Winnow earth`s bounty
Jars store harvest for winter
Light fades even now

Thank you for this site.

White,snow,fun for all
Hot,cold,wonderful to be
For peace,Canada.

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