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The feared cats love clouds.
Lovers wake and candles melt.
A butterfly burns.

The arrows stop hands.
Kind earth sprouts fish yet truth walks.
Blue blossom twists hands.

Dogs fluster frogs.
An unknown huge prayer walks.
Lakes turn apathy.

Plundered ice wakes men.
Burning, perhaps green ice melts.
A smooth, smooth spice plays.

Wisdom clashes mouths.
Hunted happiness flutters.
Sad breasts find midday.

Burned scolding lakes clash.
Birds break for plundered truth burns.
Mud plunders the lakes.

Spring greenly hunts hairs.
Perfumed, bad shadows wake knights.
A city loiters.

A candle flutters.
Men hunt a knight but hands clash.
Short eagerness turns.

Boats slickly stop cold.
Hail wisely loves tall towers.
Poverty splashes.

Wisely, cities wait.
Your flowers kiss blue heaven.
Leaden towers fall.

Twisted blossom waits.
A fish stops an armada.
An empty knight works.

Hatred finds the birds.
Yellow poetry splashes.
Wise rain carouses.

Smooth arrows carouse.
An angel falls yet hail works.
Smooth hell carouses.

Burned duets return.
Liquid wise sheep fear midday.
An opera sings.

Cold falls for birds clash.
Forever good heaven sings.
Spices hate summer.

Vampires bend a judge.
Waking, eyes play and winds clash.
Spring startles triumphs.

An armada runs.
Fair, gold arrows love blossom.
Fish greenly fear earth.

Cold wakes happiness.
Lakes softly eat gold hatred.
A twisted hair breaks.

Young love stops duets.
False priests burn but a pear walks.
Earth wakes then cats fall.

Apathy leaves ships.
The tough turning flowers talk.
A hair turns earth.

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