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Five syllables first
The second line has seven
And then five again

The form is ancient
Respected, it constrains thought
To fine expressions.

Limiting Beauty
Within its constraints - Freedom

Rising, thou rises
The unseen world hinting at
Ineffable thought

The play on words set
In places, pauses, passes
Hidden from full view

Exposed to probing
Passions overturn the mind
The rhythm excites

Tender violence
Refreshment like a strong breeze
Blows our the cobwebs.

To hunt the cute hour
Drives on the skilful hunter
His mettle to match

Tracking and trapping
The lure is placed, traps are set
Any fool can kill

Still centre watching
The mind reviews the options
Focused and alert

If it were easy
Accomplished by inept fools
We'd all be hunters

Prey caught thrashes round
Advertising his cruel fate
Better to lie still

Everything I need
to know about haiku
I learnt from Burma Shave

if you write haiku
is not nature the focus
some say it must be

Haiku poems about haiku poems by: M.

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