Japanese Haiku Poems

Japanese Haiku poems are very different from haiku poems in English .You can express a lot more ideas with 17 English syllables than with 17 Japanese syllables.

This difference isn't present only in haiku poems, this differance come from people who translate Western musicals to Japanese. A large part of the art of haiku poems is expressing an idea in the limited environment. Since the English Haiku poems are allowed more degrees of freedom than their Japanese counterpart, they're playing a different game.

In Japanese, one noun and a connective phrase will easily take up five syllables; in English, short sentences using common words often fits in five syllables.

leaf falls from a tree
and returns to it
it was a butterfly

Upon a naked branch
A raven came
Autumn dusk

We are as in autumn
on the branches

We stand alone
pierced by a ray of sun
and already it is dark

helmet lost in space
in graves
one hand clapping

it is a singsong dawn
but we think of night alone
already pierced by dark

the ground echoes
yet another rice rack
collapsing in rain

black sky
red noses
and snow

the year giving out
people give me nothing
this evening

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