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we have a small town
here in Northern California
called Ukiah

Haiku poems by: Thunder

Fall! With soulful grace
the heavy hammed swine
sinks down in ooze and ahs.

Haiku poems by: Frank Trippet

The thief left it behind
the moon
at the window

Haiku poems by: Ryokan

Simply trust
do not the petals flutter down
just like that

Haiku poems by: Issa

The old cat carries off
a little sunshine
on his back

Haiku poems by: Anita Virgil

Yellow bulldozers
Frolic in the drying mud
Arthurs home is gone

Blue cheesecake
A silver spoon in the sand
The seaweed barks at me.

Haiku poems by: George Dance

River swells and pushes
Winter water from it's banks
swollen hands understand

Lifes journey slows
Becoming painful
With this damn disease.

No thunder on horizon
but weathers changing sure
my knees scream loud and clear

Haiku poems by: Gary Z

Beautiful Haiku
Would be obscured from the world
By "vampire" rubbish

I'm bored too,
Maybe more than you.
But what can i do?

It's too hot to be outside,
All things trying to hide,
I did go for a ride,
But wanted to come inside.

I wait for the sun to go down,
There is nothing to do in this town,
With the grass and trees all brown,
It difficult to escape the frown.

My Friday night, it's a wreck,
After dark i'll sit out on the deck,
Not exactly the fun i'd select,
But i'm broke and alone, what the heck....

Haiku poems by: Jammer

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