Nature Haiku Poems

If you follow Chinese and Haiku poems than you believe that poetry is in the unity of a person and Nature.

Thus an indication, direct or indirect, of the season is an essential requirement of haiku. It should evoke human emotion, it should induce them in the reader.

Also, haiku poems should be suggestive, meaning that by itself it does not contain any interpretation. The interpretation, or more than one, is provided by the reader.

The butterflies dance
Brilliant colors of rainbows
Rippling like water

Green flash on my desk
Leap to a higher shelf
Knock everything off

in the garden
the old man dances
behind the butterflies

butterflies in flight
brilliant rainbow colors
ripple past the pond

sudden shower
the cabbage butterfly's
crooked flight

Fountain spray
Opened door's light
Bring prisms to the night

The sky
the sea
endless winter night

a spring bee
crawls out from the tulip
at closing time

Joy swings good heaven.
A jingle plays and ice calls.
Snow leaps but earth melts.

staring at the moon
i wonder where you are and
what you are doing

burning memory
the soft curves of your body
in the candlelight

Harvest moon
around the pond I wander
and the night is gone.

A ruby quivers.
Pears melt the perfumed, good leaves.
Winds start the sirens.

Sick and feveris
hin the gleam of cherry blossoms
I keep shivering

Not sky at all
not earh at all - and still
the snowflakes fall

Earth whirls a chorus.
Fluttering fair women talk.
Winter sways gifts.

Sometimes short bells whirl.
The clouds melt but winter glides.
Truth catches wisdom.

Birds recognise clowns.
Summer jumps but the hands spin.
Small eagerness plays.

An angel chatters.
Winter wisely catches ships.
Beautiful eyes hoot.

Green summer quivers.
Wonder lingers and ice laughs.
A piano melts.

The apples chortle.
Wonder misses the landscapes.
Earth charms heaven.

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