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rockets pierced the sky
lighting up the whole dark sky
yes!!Diwali is here!!

Your soft and light voice
The chirping is a memory:
I sit and listen
Ryan Chakravarty

Great bright morning sun
It breaks the dark horizon
And brings life to all
Nick F.

under a black sky
away in my neighbor's house
a child is crying

sometimes you listen
although you blabber a lot
you forget to think

I cry when I'm alone.
I can hear voices across
the yard. I long for them.
monica danae

The sun makes
the water sparkle,
these are my stars.
frank gillies

Clouds are white snowflakes,
Floating in the pretty sky,
White sprinkled cupcakes.

The dangerous fog
Creeping silently toward
Places unknown

birds are singing now
under the red setting sun
it is beautiful

Rumbling through night.
Raindrops set on each other.
i watch with concern.
loopi loops

lilly pad is soon
life passing by quik and sly
sun rises till noon

birdsature's paradise
the birds fly enjoying spring
the butterflies dance

Message: boatman sails the boat
ocean is calm and freindly
oh! forget me not

I stare
PC stares back
who will win

A jay in a tree,
Handsome,spread blue-flashed wings,
Scolded me,and flew.

Message: Super mario brothers
Always eating mushrooms
Results may vary

Air wafts cloud horses.
All queued to door of heaven.
Sun is behind cloud.

Message: Wind silent sounding,
Rain gently tapping windows,
Nature never leave.


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