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Lights turn on and off.
It makes the room bright or dim.
In daylight and night.

Butterflies dancing
In a beautiful morning
Charms me everyday

calli lily
strange reflection
in wedding glass

A haiku poem in LA traffic:
Majestic Semi
Hurtling through time and space
Get in the slow lane.

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New green growth sprouting;
My office window travels,
Views are ever changing.

Haiku poems by: john-michael

Haiku poems: Motherhood
she touch her beak with
A hungry beak and put grain.
she fly away for more.

Haiku poems: Love
a rose petal bends
And a dew drop fell on pond
Rippled all water.

Haiku poems: Classroom
One paper thrown
Is read, smiled and passed on
Teacher is teaching.

Haiku poems by: Amina

Total corruption
Spiritually bankrupt
Smash! Babylon Fall,

under it's own weight
of bearing darkness and hate.
How long must we wait?

Come, grow the scorched ground
Green. Ah, child of countless dreams...
Who's your Daddy now?

Remembering how?
You were there, in my Garden...
end like it started.

Once, upon a time
for a moment, that is now
we begin again.

buz buz goes the bees.
in the garden all day.
coleting pollen

bitter cold pure white
emornous mountains of ice
shape shifting crystal

laughing boisterouslly
Under the shade of the tree
monkeys are happy

Alone then smitten
Together, but then bitten
Now, alone once more

sparkling stars wink
mysterious sky blocks
unseen existence

Once upon a time
In a land far, FAR away
I- ooohh look!! Shiny!!!

ejgfegurirh iehrie
fejfj hjb eu

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