Telemarket Haiku Poems

If you hang up now
I'll have to call someone else
Why disturb them too?

Hello! I'd like to
consolidate your debts and
mispronounce your name!

A gentle click in
my ear is preferable
to shouted curses.

We know you're in debt
You don't need any more cards
Except, maybe, ours.

So many sink like
Stones into silent lakes, but
You are pre-approved.

Pale blossoms in spring
Or late fall leaves -- whichever,
Buy our leafblowers!

Your name and number
were sold to our company.
Want to buy them back?

A flower blooms.
Your dwelling is renewed in
Synthetic siding.

Decades of soft shade
from oak branches high above.
Is your roof insured?

Your Caller ID
And Anonymous Reject
Keep me far away.

Set down knife and fork
Let food and family wait
My sales pitch begins.

How are you today?
let me tell you all about
something you don't want.

darkness grows outdoors,
your dinner cools, I waste a
moment of your time.

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